Grapes Magliocco

Grapes Magliocco

In our area this cultivar is known by the name of Sweet Magliocco, but it is present throughout the region, especially in old vineyards, with many different synonyms (tear, Arvin, black guanaccia , round Magliocco , etc.). Although this grape variety is little known, it has enormous potential.

Berry: medium-thick skin of bluish- black colour , round with a pleasant tasting pulp, when it reaches the right maturity.

Cluster: conical, long and medium to medium – small size, compact.

Ripening period: first week of October.

This cultivar is very hardy and adapts well to drought and hot climates. Based on these considerations, it is planted along the south-facing slope that allows full maturation; thus, enhancing the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics typical of this species.