Grape Variety Greco Bianco

Grape Variety Greco Bianco

In fact the name by which this variety has been recorded in the Register of grape varieties is Guardavalle, and in the region it is mostly known by this name whereas in our area it is often identified as Greek grapes. This is without doubt one of the main white grape varieties native to Calabria.

Distinctive Traits:

Berry: medium with relatively thick skin ranging from greenish to straw yellow colour, and to amber when it matures, ellipsoid, with a medium thickness of pulp and the particular taste (wild notes).

Cluster: elongated conical shape, medium or medium – large size, sparse, sometimes with wings, characterized by the presence of a long stalk.

Ripening Period: third week of September.

This cultivar is well adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of the location and is therefore little susceptible to physiological disorders and drought.

It is used in blends with Gaglioppo for the production of “Claretto d’Allaro”.