Grapes Gaglioppo

Grapes Gaglioppo

It is probably the most widely grown native variety in the region; its presence is very abundant in the areas of “Ciro”; so much so that here we also use the synonym “Cirotana” to denote it; however, it is found in almost all vine areas in the region.

Berry: medium-small and medium with average thick skin, purplish black colour, elliptical with pulp of medium consistency.

Cluster: conical in shape and medium size, long, loose, sometimes even more apparent at the end, often has only one wing.

Ripening period: last week of September.

This cultivar is quite rustic but has a moderate resistance to drought. However, in certain conditions it may be susceptible to downy mildew and powdery mildew attacks. For these reasons, 140 R rootstocks has been chosen because it has by a high resistance to drought and it can be planted on hilly summits that are well- exposed to the winds and sunlight, and where there is little to no stagnation These choices have given good results from the phytosanitary to an organoleptic point of view. The grape is always healthy and easily reaches full maturity.
The Estate’s strategy has focused on the organoleptic characteristics and the great potential of this aromatic grape variety, blended with the White Greek, to produce “Chiaretto d’Allaro”.