Calabrese Grape Variety

This is the name by which this cultivar has been recorded in the prestigious National Register of Grape Varieties, even if at this point in time, in Calabria it is mainly grown in the Ionian strip of the province of Reggio Calabria in the territory of DOC Bivongi, in fact, out of the 12 DOC present in the region; anly the Doc Bivongi can use the Calabrese.The excellent qualities of this cultivar, however, have made it become one of the main Sicilian grape varieties, so famous that it bears the name of Nero D’Avola, and in recent years, its presence has greatly increased throughout the country.

The distinctive traits:

Berry: medium to medium-small with thin skin and black, ellipsoidal with a pleasant tasting sweet pulp, correct acidity with hints of spice.

Cluster: conical in shape and medium size, loose, often with the presence of wings (small secondary clusters on the sides of the main one).

Ripening period: second week of September.

In the pedoclimatic conditions of the location chosen for its planting, this cultivar finds the conditions excellent in order to better express the intrinsic qualities of this variety which allow it to accumulate large amounts of sugar (including more than 230 g / l) but also to maintain a relatively low pH and a sufficiently high acidity ; characteristics that are crucial in determining the wine’s suitability to aging.