The vineyards

Since the old vineyards were in a descending phase. they were explanted in 2003 and two new vineyard surfaces were created, distant from each other, a few hundred metres as the crow flies. The location of the large vineyard is moderately steep, becoming steeper the further one goes upstream. In both vineyards, the texture of the land tends to be clayey, with elevated levels of calcium. As far as the exposure of the rows is concerned, a North South orientation was chosen.
The new plant varieties are represented by authorized vineyards and recommended by the province of Reggio Calabria and follow the production regulation of the Bivongi Doc and the Locride IGT. Ample space has been given to the native red berry variety : Calabrian Magliocco Sweet, Gaglioppo about 15% of the planted area consists of Greco Bianco and Cabernet Savignon
As to the type of farming, the spurred cordon was chosen for the supporting structure. On average 7 to 9 buds are left per vine on fruiting branches. During its growth, the vegetation is secured vertically on the stand in order to give the foliage surface maximum exposure to sunlight.
Through targeted cluster thinning, the yields per hectare are limited to about 60-80 q / ha. This technical choice is inspired by the latest scientific findings according to which , on the same yields per hectare, it is better to produce a few clusters per plant so as to focus and direct all the strength and quality.
The choice of layout is 2,30 metres between rows and 1,00 metre between the plants with 4300 plants per hectare; this layout is being adopted in most new high-quality vineyards, as it has been proven that as such density, at root level, a positive competition is established among the plants and, at same time, the foliage receives sunlight.
The supporting structure is represented by concrete posts of 2,50 mt. in length placed at a distance of 5,00 meters in rows. At 70 cm from the ground a 2 mm in diameter galvanized wire is placed to support the cordon, and at 40 and 80 cm from the first wire, run coupled wires within which vegetation is conveyed.
On the Oppedisano Estate, all processes are carried out with business equipment. Our policy aims at the pursuit of quality; therefore, all the more delicate agricultural operations (harvest, winter and summer pruning, tying, leaf removal, cluster thinning, etc.) are carried out by hand by our farm labour.
All employees are from Caulonia and are highly qualified and very familiar with the climatic characteristics of this area as well as the virtues and vices of corporate farming. Along with the owner, they share the passion and pride of producing something special that before pleasing others, delights them.