Sir A

The letter “A” keeps recurring in the initials of the Oppedisano family for this reason after, a bit of playing with the names, the wine has been called “Sir A” in memory of Antonio Oppedisano who traced the path of knowledge with passion from which this “Estate” has evolved “….and with favorable auspices that future “A” generations will find within themselves the sacred fire which pushes each individual to excel and never become complacent. My hope is that the ‘As’, that follow us, will embody that folly which Erasmus of Rotterdam believed, was necessary in order not to remain in the mediocrity and the not knowing” the actual owner states.

The Sir A is obtained from the vinification of pure Calabrian grapes.

To exalt its softness and its fruity notes, that are at the base of this wine, only “first” must is used, that is, what seeps from the skins into the vats through natural dripping at the end of maceration without pressing.

Furthermore, in order to conserve the primary bouquet linked to this fruit, after a year’s permanence in steel vats, the wine is transferred directly to bottles.

Excellent with main courses such as meat sauces, mixed grilled meats and even with fish.

Sir A

Name of Wine: Sir “ A”

Production Area: The Caulonia Oppedisano Estate

Region of Production: Calabria

Grapes: 100% Calabrese Black (must)

Type of soil: Clay, calcium

Type of farming: Cordon spurred (4.300 pt/ha)

Yield per hectare in the grape harvest: 60/80 q/ha

Harvest time: Second week of September

Alcoholic level: 14,0°

Sir A