Rosso dell'arciprete

The great expert and researcher in the winemaking art, the archpriest Pasquale Oppedisano, took full responsibility in the running of the family vineyards, and in keeping with his character, dry and sweetly “gruff”, he wouldn’t allow any external interferences. The only exception was granted to an aunt, that being unwed lived with him, and to whom every year a row of vines was reserved for her production of Rosolio. That is the name of the sweet wine produced by the vinification from partially sundried grapes mixed, according to her secret recipe, with wild mountain herbs. In the family, it is told that when the Archpriest was in a particular bad-mood or gruffier than usual, to sweeten him up the Aunt would resort to Rosolio, and that, as if by magic, he would brighten up in a very short time.
In memory of these facts and of these characters of the Oppedisano family, it was decided to produce the Rosso dell’Arciprete [The Archpriest’s Red], obtained from the late harvest of Calabrian grapes vinified in purity. It is a sweet wine characterized by the presence of residual sugar and an intense bouquet of cherry that slowly opens up to persuasive aroma of cocoa and sweet licorice , not only is it inebriating, but it is also unique.
Indeed, the uniqueness of this wine lies in the fact that, while recalling desert wines, for its consistency and sweetness, it differs from them since it is obtained from red grapes and its bouquet is completely different from sweet wines which are usually produced from white grapes.
It is ideal with dry pastry and with red fruit jam sweets; however, it should also be tasted with aged cheeses and “ricotta” garnished with honey.

Rosso dell'arciprete

Name of Wine:Rosso dell'arciprete

Production Area: Oppedisano Estate Caulonia

Region of Production: Calabria

Grapes:Calabrian Black 100% (late harvest)

Type of soil: Clayey, calcium

Type of farming: Cordon spurred (4.300 pt/ha)

Yield per hectare in the grape harvest: 60/q/ha

Harvest time: Second week of October

Alcoholic level:14,6° + 10% residual sugar

Rosso dell'arciprete