Nero Feudo Calderone

The hot sun of the Jasmine Coast and marly clays of marine origin enhance the quality of the historical varieties of grapes selected by farmers’ wisdom over the millennia. From this perfect union derives the Nero Feudo Calderone a wine that encloses in it the strong and sincere flavors of this land.
Obtained through traditional winemaking of cultivated grapes without the use of irrigation, harvested by hand, not filtered to maintain unaltered all its organoleptic qualities, it is harmonious and pleasantly balanced with a full bodied elegant after taste . A table wine that accompanies any meal, exalting the taste of red meat, wild game and medium aged cheeses.
This wine originates from Roberto’s vision; even before the replanting of new wine yards, he had very a clear idea of the characteristics of this wine. He imagined a very intense colour, full bodied with a pleasant softness of tannins; aromatic intense and complex bouquet. Soft to the palate, sapid and persistent to recall the warmth of its homeland. Starting from these considerations and the pedoclimatic characteristics of the soil, he aimed without indulgence on the Calabrian an exceptional grape variety able to give to the wine the desired characteristics. Moreover, to further increase the structure of the colour and aging capabilities, he used the Cabernet Sauvignon in percentages that never exceed 15% in order not to alter the intrinsic qualities of the Calabrian.
The obtained product by far exceeded his highest expectations and the Black Feudo Calderone is a powerful wine that impresses whomever is lucky enough to taste it. Its 14° slips into second place when compared to the complexities and elegance of its bouquet, with fragrances of spices and ripe red fruit, and its unexpected softness which pleasantly envelops the palate. The Nero Feudo Calderone is also available in the barrique version in order to make its bouquet more complex and to increase its structure through wood tannins: In this case before being placed in commerce, it is refined for twelve extra months in French oak barrique. Compared to Nero Feudale Calderone, the barrique version conserves its full-body and elegance in balance, but the nose perceives the secondary perfumes linked to its long permanency in contact with the wood and to the palate it is drier, with a slightly less smooth entrance and with an increased perception of tannins

Excellent paired with red meats and aged cheeses.

Nero Feudo Calderone

Name of Wine: Nero Feudo Calderone

Production Area: Oppedisano Estate-Caulonia

Region of Production: Calabria

Grapes: Calabrese Nero 85% plus international sales

Type of soil: Clayey, calcium

Type of farming: Cordon spurred (4.300 pt/ha)

Yield per hectare in the grape harvest: 60/80 q/ha

Harvest time: Second week of September

Alcoholic level: 14,0°

Maturing and refining: One year in stainless steel vats; one year in oak barrels.

Nero Feudo Calderone