Chiaretto d'Allaro

The wine which was usually produced in our hinterland was obtained from the vinification of different grape varieties, both white and black berry that, according to Greek tradition, normally formed the vineyards of the area. Inspired by this wine-making tradition, we gave origin to the Chiaretto d’Allaro, obtained from fermentation, after a careful selection in the vineyard and a brief maceration of Gaglioppo (75%) and White Greek (25%).

It has a ruby-red color, fresh with fruity and floral hints. The right balance between acidity and soft tannins make it suitable for all the typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet, especially for fish dishes.

Serve at a temperature of 10 -12 ° C.

Chiaretto d'Allaro

Name of Wine: Chiaretto d'Allaro

Production Area: Oppedisano Estate-Caulonia

Region of Production: Calabria

Grapes: Gaglioppo 75% Greco Bianco 25 %

Type of soil: Clayey, calcium

Type of farming: Cordon spurred (4.300 pt/ha)

Yield per hectare in the grape harvest: 60/80 q/ha

Harvest time: Last week of September

Alcoholic level: 11,5°

Chiaretto d'Allaro