Tenuta Oppedisano Winery

The “Feudo Calderone” Estate is situated in Caulonia, a Calabrian town on the Ioniac coast, a few kilometres from the beguiling Ionian sea where the majestic Riace Bronze Statues were discovered, symbols and sole witnesses of the artistic patrimony of the ancient and civilized Kaulon, a thriving Magna Graecia republic that extended from what is now Stilo to the Torbido River (Gioiosa Jonica). The Estate is situated on the provincial road n 88 that leads to the nearby historical centre, an enchanting medieval village that stands proudly , on the cliffs, almost as if it still wants to defend itself from pirates and Saracens’ attacks.

The family Oppedisano has been cultivating vines for three generations. The brothers Pasquale (Archpriest) Vincenzo (goldsmith) Oppedisano bought the Estate at the beginning of the previous century and undertook such cultivation. Antonio Oppedisano (surgeon) continued their work, strongly influencing the Estate’s features. Thanks to the advent of mechanization, to his intuition as well as passion , he was able to keep pace with the changing times and to understand his customers’ taste; his influence profoundly transformed the property’s cultivation system into what it is today.
Currently, the Estate is managed by the owner, the agronomist Dr. Roberto Oppedisano, that, while employing outside labor, oversees all the work done. In 2003 he completely renovated the vineyard and increased the vines surface to about 4 hectares.

The new layout has been carried out strictly following the production regulation of DOC Bivongi and ICT Locride; both of which are now being recorded in their respective register. A lot of space has been allotted to the native red fruit varieties: Calabrian, Sweet Magliocco and Gaglioppo; however, other varieties join the ampelographic platform of the Estate, covering about 15% of the vine surface: the Guardavalle, a white fruit wine, along with Gaglioppo are used for the production of Chiaretto d’Allaro, and the Cabernet Sauvignon, which has shown an excellent quality performance in this zone, has contributed to improve the color, the structure and the resistance of the vines to oxidation.