The Citrus Grove

The alluvial plain near the torrent Allaro is the portion of the Estate where for the first time citrus fruit were planted; in the 1940’s the most popular varieties , of that time, were grown: Blonde, Dark Brown and Sanguinello . In the 70’s, an impressive land improvement was carried out on citrus fruit which represented the Estate’s most valuable crop. This led to the terracing of all the hilly region since its soil was most suitable for growing citrus.
Therefore, the citrus groves’ surface was increased , from about 5 to 10 hectare. In a view of product diversification, it was decided to add to the oranges, already present in the Estate, the Clementine and Lemons. Around the 90’s, the transformation was then completed by renewing the oldest citrus grove. The old varieties of oranges, which had little commercial use, were replaced by new varieties most requested by the markets. Today the varieties of oranges available in the Estate are: Navelina, Blond Belladonna, Common Tarot and Nucellare Tarot.